Choosing the Right Baby Shower Invites

Pregnancy and an impending birth is a special and exciting time in any family’s life.  A baby shower is the perfect way to share this wonderful time with family and close friends. They can be traditional afternoon teas or a themed party.  Whatever you decide on, choosing the perfect baby shower invite will add a touch of flair to the event.


Choosing a proper theme for your shower


The theme of the invitation sets the scene for the baby shower. There are different themes available which can range from traditional to jungle themes. Regardless which theme is chosen though there is a pretty good chance someone would have designed the perfect baby shower invitation to match the occasion.

Information to be Included in your Invitation

The planning starts well before the first invitation is sent though.  Here are some simple steps to ensure the baby shower is a success and nobody is left off the guest list.

  1.  Compile a guest list – Check the list with the mum-to-be to ensure that you have everyone that should be invited including work mates, friends and family members.  Ask the mother whether it is just for the girls or if plus ones are appropriate.
  2. Choose the baby shower invites – Shop around for invitations that reflect the theme of the party.  There are so many options today that you are bound to find something fitting for the occasions, and the theme can carry through to the decorations and party games, and of course the baby shower thank you card
  3. Make sure all the information is accurate – After all the purpose of the invitation is to inform guests of the details of the party.  The information should include, time, date and location of the party, it helps if you can include a map.  If there is a gift list then details of how this can be accessed should also be included.   Also tell them when they need to RSVP by and give them several methods of doing so, including phone, email and good old post. 
  4. Timing is crucial – Invitations should be sent out four weeks before the party to ensure that invitees have plenty of notice, and time to buy their baby shower gifts.

Other ideas for baby shower invites

The host can design their own party invitations.   It is easy to find specialty printers online that will provide a template for you to add your own pictures and writing.  Some printers will even print the invitee’s names on the invitations and addresses on the envelopes for you, so you just need to send them.

As an extra touch it is nice to stick a little magnet to the back of the invitation, that way attendees can stick it to their fridge as an easily accessible reminder.  It also means that when it comes time to leave for the party they guests won’t have to hunt around for the address.

What about second time, third time or more mums?

When the mum to be is having her second or third offspring then she may not need so many gifts
more friends
for the baby, as there are probably plenty of hand me downs available.  In this case the invitation should reflect that the baby shower gifts should be for the busy mum.  Pamper sessions, a manicure, a nice hair cut or pregnancy massages are lovely indulgences for mum prior to bubs arrival.

Second or third borns arrival shouldn’t be any less momentous than their siblings, choosing a lovely invitation as a memento of their arrival will mean they too will have a treasured keepsake.

Men and baby showers

Men at baby showers are more common than you may think; some women prefer to have the father to be and his friends around.   If this is the case there are a number of baby shower invitation designs that are less frilly and based around a theme such as trains or plains or Wild West.   Men may have a better time if they are surrounded by trains or jungle animals rather than lace and flowers.

Cleverly designed invitations can add a fun element to the celebrations setting the scene for the party.   So take some time to plan your invitations well in advance.